Manuscrito da espada. Biblioteca da Ajuda 49-III-6(2)

Anonymous work kept at the Livraria de Ajuda under the signature 49 -III- 6, bound in a single volume along with Lições de Marte (also in our catalog). Because this work was the first one in the binding, the set was mistakenly listed as a single text. We therefore face a previously unknown work.

The manuscript presents a vision of fencing in Portugal's seventeenth century, integrating elements of Verdadeira Destreza and the common or «vulgar» tradition. 64 descriptions of feridas (techniques) with their respective counter-techniques. Some of these were previously unknown, such as the Parafusada or the Ferida do Duque de Alva. It also includes comments and glosses.

In order to make the text more accessible, we have translated the original portuguese source into english and spanish; added a glossary and a few reference resources. The language is accessible but a basic knowledge of Verdadeira Destreza is necessary, for which we advice the reader to build upon Mary and Puck Curtis' essay From the Page to the Practice (available as part of In the Service of Mars, vol. II, or elsewhere alone), a brief introduction of Verdadeira Destreza for anglophones.


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Manuel Valle Ortiz, Ton Puey

Published in

Santiago de Compostela: AGEA/Edizer, 2013 (Sacauntos)


AGEA Glossae



Translated by

Denís Fernández Cabrera, Diego Conde Eguileta






Espanhol, Inglês, Português

Physical description

Papel marfim de alta gramatura. Capas a cor em cartom estucado.

Original date

Circa 1676

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