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Shipping costs Mailing books is for rich people

In all cases the shipping costs will be +1 euro for the Iberian Peninsula, +6 euros for the European Union and +8 euros for the rest of the world, per book. The store automatically adds this cost at checkout, when you enter the shipping address. Some heavy books may require an extra postage over the calculated amount. It is indicated in each individual record.

(Also it is possible to use tracked mail for Iberian and many European countries for an extra. Some books are excluded. It is indicated in each individual file.)

To Brasil it is advisable to use the rewgistered mail. For some products (Packs, collections and some extra heavy books, it is indicated in each of them) there are extra shipiong cost, for the exact amount please contact us before ordering. Registered mail can generate additional custom expenses to be paid on destination.

These shipping costs are adjusted to the maximum, and in the case of small amounts partially subsidized by the publisher to facilitate the dissemination of our work.

That’s why sending multiple copies to the same address does not reduce costs, and shipping expense is a fixed amount for each individual item.

In the case of massive shipments and large quantities we can seek other alternatives. Please write to

Terms of Service Know what you are getting into

Shipments will be carried out by ordinary mail. No tracking code is provided. Experience has shown that it works with remarkable accuracy in most European countries, North America and Oceania. For countries of Africa and South America, write us to study together the options.

Some locations may have limited options of pay and delivery. We will inform you as soon as possible.

Error on delivery

We apply the principle of bona fide. In case of failure to deliver by alien causes, you can choose to be reimbursed the cost of the books (actio redhibitoria), but not shipping costs, or we can try to send a second shipment (repetitio) by ordinary mail at no extra cost to you, but without possibility of complaint (Periculum ist emptoris).  In case you’d rather try an alternative shipping method with some form of guaranteed delivery, you will have to provide for these extra shipping costs, while the replacement of lost books will be on us. In case of defects you can opt for the returning of the exemplar with full reimbursement (actio redhibitoria) or for retaining the exemplar with some discount (actio quanti minoris). 

Delivery times

Order processing takes place according with the possibilities of our organization. There may be times when an immediate response will not possible and an order will take a few days to be served. We always try to inform by email the receipt of the order and its shipping. The delivery itself, once the books are sent, can take from several days to more than a month, depending on the destination country and the size of the shipment.


Shipments are made in manually customized packages, with the statement of «documents and books» when necessary. The stated value is the minimum material cost allowed to reduce fees in the destination country. However, any procedure or additional costs for customs reasons is due to the recipient of the order.

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