An explanation of our publishing lines Wednesday July 25th, 2018 – Posted in: AGEA Editora

AGEA Editora is focused on the publication of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) books, with special emphasis on Iberian traditions.

To this purpose we have created three main collections:

  • Clássica Line: Critical editions of historical treatises in the original language.
  • Glossa Line: Historical sources annotated, commented or translated.
  • Manuais Line: Original content for modern research and practice.

We also have a line called «AGEA Editora Documentos», where we hope to publish articles, essays and other short original material online.

In addition to the publication of these works, all within the editorial theme, our statutory objective is to promote and facilitate various HEMA projects. With this purpose we created the line «AGEA Editora Apresenta», a program of partnerships with people and collectives to create HEMA literature.

Specifically, AGEA Editora establishes a partnership with the association Acta Periodica Duellatorum to print, sell and distribute the newspaper of the same name — a world reference publication in the study of historical martial arts. Through this initiative, APD is now, in addition to being accessible in PDF OpenAccess, also available in paper at our online shop, for the whole world.

The purpose of this external collaborations program is to bring AGEA Editora’s capacity for promotion, editorial experience and external evaluation to editorial projects in the HEMA world that we find worthy of interest.

With these lines we cover a wide range of publications and we accommodate both those that form the firm’s identity — Destreza Ibérica — and other projects.