Acta Periodica Duellatorum – 2015: Volume 3 Issue 1

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Acta Periodica Duellatorum – 2015: Volume 3 Issue 1

  • Historical European Martial Art a crossroad between academic research, martial heritage re-creation and martial sport practices (Daniel Jaquet, Claus Frederik Sørensen, Fabrice Cognot)
  • The Roots of Fencing from the Twelfth to the Fourteenth Centuries in the French Language Area (Olivier Dupuis)
  • Que llaman estar nerbado: the Spanish response to the Italian fencing tradition, 1665-1714 (Charles Blair)
  • A comparative analysis of literary depictions of social violence in two important 16th Century autobiographies, from the perspective of the fencing manuals of the Renaissance (Jean Chandler)
  • Honour and Fighting Social Advancement in the Early Modern Age (Jürg Gassmann)
  • The Adventures of the Gladiatoria Manuscript from New Haven (Dierk Hagedorn)
  • The Kölner Fechtbuch: Context and Comparison (Keith Farrell)
  • Book review: Rainer Welle, … vnd mit der rechten faust ein mordstuck Baumanns Fecht- und Ringkampfhandschrift (Daniel Jaquet)
  • Book review: Hagedorn, Dierk and Walczak, Bartłomiej: GLADIATORIA. New Haven MS U860.F46 1450 (Szabolcs Waldmann)
  • Book review: Daniel Jaquet (ed.), L’art chevaleresque du combat: Le maniement des armes à travers les livres de combat (XIV e –XVI e siècles) (Ken Mondschein)



Daniel Jaquet, Jacob Henry Deacon, Mátyás Miskolczi

Published in

2021, Acta Periodica Duellatorum, Geneva, Switzerland



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Acta Periodica Duellatorum



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