Understanding Destreza

This treatise is a delight in briefness, compared to the typical Destreza Specimen. As such, it will be a great introductory text for fencers interested in approaching the literature of the iberian school of swordplay.

For the more experienced theoretical Diestrxs, though, the text offers as well interesting material, since it was written by a man of arms risen in the heart of the orthodox, Pachequist interpretation of Destreza — and yet seems to deviate with Carrancist tones.

Long ignored by the Destreza scholars and nearly unknown by the public, it remained hidden but for an obscure XIX century edition. It is, therefore, with great delight that we bring it to you in a revised transcription of the original text presented side by side with a highly annotated translation into english.

The book includes, as well, cleaned-up versions of the original illustrations, including a spreader page.


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Lois Spangler, Javier Bermúdez-Prado, Manuel Valle Ortiz

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Santiago de Compostela : AGEA Editora, 2023


Álvaro Guerra de la Vega


Inglês, Spanish

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Papel offset de 100g, capa com orelhas laminada mate


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