Acta Periodica Duellatorum – 2017: Volume 5 Issue 1

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Acta Periodica Duellatorum – 2017: Volume 5 Issue 1

  •  Le Jeu de la Hache: A Critical edition and dating discussion (Olivier Dupuis, Vincent Deluz)
  • An analysis and comparison of two German thrust-fencing manuscripts (Reinier van Noort, Jan Schäfer)
  • East meets West: Mounted Encounters in Early and High Mediaeval Europe (Jürg Gassmann)
  • The plays with the axe in armour of the Anonimo Bolognese (1510-1515) (Daniel Jaquet)
  • Interpretation of Fiore dei Liberi’s Spear Plays (Jakub Dobi)
  • The collection of Lew the Jew in the lineage of German Fight Books corpus (Daniel Jaquet)
  • How to Defend in Water: The French Sailors’ Surprising Method of Self-defence (1921) (Julien Garry)
  • Gevaert, Bert, Te Wapen! Europa’s vergeten krijgskunsten (Leuven, Davidsfonds, 2016) (Alwin Goethals)
  • Book review: Daniel Jaquet, Karin Verelst and Timothy Dawson (eds.), Late Medieval and Early Modern Fight Books : Transmission and Tradition of Martial Arts in Europe
  • (14th–17th centuries) (Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2016), coll. History of Warfare, n°112. (Jeff Lord)
  • Book review: Matthias Johannes Bauer, ‛Der Alten Fechter gründtliche Kunst’ – Das Frankfurter oder Egenolffsche Fechtbuch: Untersuchung und Edition (München: Utz, 2016), coll. Geschichtswissenschaften, n°37. (Daniel Jaquet)
  • Book review: Paul Bowman, Mythologies of Martial Arts (Martial Arts Studies, 2) (Sixt Wetzler)



Daniel Jaquet, Jacob Henry Deacon, Mátyás Miskolczi

Published in

2021, Acta Periodica Duellatorum, Geneva, Switzerland



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Papel offset branco de 90 gramas, capas sem orelhas laminadas em mate


Acta Periodica Duellatorum



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