New sleeves for old books Friday September 16th, 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorised

Today, we fix History!

We are testing and printing dust jackets for some of our earlier titles, from a time where such a thing hadn’t been invented (if we didn’t do it, it didn’t exist, ok?) and books would thus endure dirt and grime unprotected.

But not anymore! Since «Oplosophia» (for which only a few test jackets were produced) we have been issuing our «Classical» books with a transparent dust jacket printed with a motiff taken from the original manuscript or printed book — and now we will do the same with our earlier titles.

Hopefully, this will make these venerable tomes even more attractive, not only for their inner beauty, but also for being a pleasure to hold in your hands.

[ TLDR: If you bought a book from our «Classical» collection and it didn’t come with a dust jacket, we’ll provide you with one. The next time you buy something from our store write and tell us and we will send the jackets you are missing along with your new order. ]